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A Message from our President

The Scarborough Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association is a focal point for all those whom wish to learn more about and potentially become a Cricket Umpire or Scorer

Umpiring a Cricket Match can be a rewarding experience, it is after all the best view on the field, you have the opportunity to observe the best players competing at close quarters, and for a scorer, there is no greater satisfaction than completing a neat Score Sheet of a traditional score book and providing the player stats.

Many people believe that  Umpiring a game is a complex role that only the few take on. Whilst a quick look at a cricket score book can be like  deciphering the Enigma code. However, the fundamentals of either Umpiring or Scoring are straight forward so long as the basics are followed.

Umpire Training can be completed in as little as 2 days, with a Club Scorer course also taking 2 days.

Through this Association, you can join the ‘Umpires Panel’ and will receive match expenses for each game you are appointed to, and many clubs will also directly cover their Scorers expenses. 

This website pulls together all the information necessary to help you understand more about the art of Umpiring and Scoring.

There are links to the Laws , Animations, e-Learning Modules, Online Training Tools and Video clips, as well as explanations of training courses and links to help you book the course to best suit you.

By joining this Association, you will meet friendly people, all happy to help you progress on your own journey. You will also have access to the wider Association of Cricket Officials (ECB ACO)

Unlock your potential today

“Together, let’s make the game of cricket better and more accessible for the next generation – by respecting the game’s heritage, enjoying and celebrating the present and creating more opportunities for our children – a legacy and future we can all be proud of.”

– Simon Taufel – ICC Elite Panel Umpire

The Spirit of Cricket

The ‘Spirit of Cricket’ if a fundamental cornerstone of the game. The major responsibility for ensuring fair play rests with the Captains, but extends to all players, match officials and, especially in junior cricket, teachers coaches and parents.

Forthcoming Events

Association Meeting

General Meeting, & Laws Update Q+A

6th Feb 2023

Association Meeting

General Meeting & Report Writing

6th March 2023

Association Meeting

General Meeting, & League Briefing

3rd April 2023

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Umpire Training Stage 1

This game changing course will provide
1. An Overview of the basic Laws and how to apply them.
2. An Introduction to the principles of field craft and match management
This course is an ideal introduction for new Club Umpires, a refresher for existing umpires, and the first step for those wishing to umpire at higher levels.

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Umpire Training Stage 2

This course is designed to build on Umpire Education Stage One, covering further Laws and exploring the concept of working as part of a team with a colleague and the scorers

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Umpire Training Stage 3

This two day course is designed for experienced umpires wishing to broaden their knowledge and develop their umpiring skills. This is a great course to hone your skills and a must if you aspire to Premier League cricket. It would be sensible to have completed the Level 1 and 2 courses previously . The course covers the regulations common in limited overs cricket, further interpretation and application of Law, Nutrition and Hydration, techniques for Observation, Concentration and Focus, Mental Toughness and Self-reflection and Analysis.

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Club Scorer

The 'Club Scorer' course is the only course to comprehensively teach you how to score. This course is suitable for complete beginners and existing scorers who want to improve their skills.

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Electronic Scoring CPD Module

Scarborough Cricket Club
This course will be re-arranged for 2023

1 Day Course

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