Who are the ECB ACO?

The ECB Association of Cricket Officials (ACO) represents scorers and umpires for and on behalf of the national governing body, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

The ECB ACO is a membership organisation responsible for the general development of Umpire and Scorer training courses and also oversees the development of ‘trainers’ to deliver these courses.

The Association currently stands as the largest group of cricket officials in the world with a near 8,500 strong membership

The Scarborough Association of Cricket Umpires & Scorers is affiliated to both the ECB ACO and also the YCB (Yorkshire Cricket Board) ACO. The YCB ACO effectively acting as a regional hub and providing local administration and support for Cricket Officials

What is the cost of Joining the ECB ACO and what benefit is there in doing so?

It currently costs £30.00 per annum to be a member of the ECB ACO

Whilst this may sound like a lot of money, if you are new to the role of a cricket official and are undertaking either Umpire or Scorer Training, there is no charge as the first years membership of the ECB ACO is often included in the cost of undertaking the course.

This is particularly relevant if you are undertaking the Club Scorer course or the Umpire Training Stage 1 & 2. Please check the details with your course tutor on the day.

In order to recieve appointments to matches, through the Scarborough Association of Cricket Officials, you must be a member of the ECB ACO.

The ECB ACO provides the following benefits.


You’ll be covered by the most comprehensive insurance package available. This not only covers you while you are officiating, but also during your travel to and from grounds. You will also be covered for valuables placed in your care. 

DBS Certification Application

All members are now able to apply for a DBS online. When your DBS certificate is due for renewal your County ACO Secretary or Membership Officer will contact you to start the renewal process.

If you are applying for a DBS certificate for the first time, please contact [email protected] and the ECB ACO will start the process for you.


With access to the official appointments website,, you’ll be able to put yourself forward to officiate fixtures at local level as well as ECB competitions.


We’ll keep you updated with all the latest in the world of cricket scoring and umpiring with our own 32 page publication, issued three times a year and delivered to your door.

ECB ACO Merchandise

We have our own brand of field and leisurewear exclusively available to our members.