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the association is hosting the following scorer training courses

Club Scorer

Suitable for complete beginners and existing scorers who want to improve their skills.

The Club Scorer Course is for anyone wanting to score an a regular basis and is the only course to comprehensively teach you how to score.

The course covers scoring methods completing a score book, scoring symbols and umpires signals 

This is a 2 day stand alone course and on completion you will receive and ECB ACO Club Score attendance certificate.

Scarborough Cricket Club 5th & 6th March 2022

Day Course


Electronic Scoring CPD Module

Scoring electronically has become ever more popular as a method of scoring and this workshop covers the use of Play Cricket Scorer Pro (PCS Pro®).

Most scoring software is intuitive to use but many of the packages PCS Pro contains advanced features and customisation, that may not be so obvious Whilst they are all easy to use, the most important thing to know, is how to correct things when the inevitable mistakes occur.

This one-day workshop will take you through scoring using PCS Pro from setting up a match to printing out a scorecard or a player’s wagon wheel and will give you some handy hints on how to make amendments as quickly as possible, while play continues.

You will need to bring your own laptop with the PCS Pro software pre-installed.

Scarborough Cricket Club TBA 2022

1 Day Course

Scorer Level 1

Scorer Level 2

Continuous professional Development (CPD) modules

ECB ACO Members can take these modules at any time to further their knowledge of Scoring a Cricket Match or whom wish to progress to scoring at the highest levels of the game.

Duckworth Lewis Stern

This module is designed to explain the Duckworth Lewis Stern (DLS) method of setting a revised target when there has been a suspension in play in a one-day match. It looks at the brief history of DLS and considers the difference between DLS formats. It includes practical sessions for both DLS Professional (computer program) and DLS Standard (manual calculations). Scorers attending this module will need to bring their own laptop but the DLS professional software will be provided on the day

Linear Scoring

This module teaches existing scorers how to complete a linear scoresheet, which is an alternative layout of paper scoresheet to the conventional box style scoring record.

The course contains a large practical element of scoring a recorded match, after spending time getting familiar with the new layout of scoresheet. Linear scoresheets make a good back-up system when scoring electronically.

Electronic Scoring

This module teaches existing scorers how to use Play-Cricket Scorer Pro software package.

To attend this module, you will need to download Play-Cricket Scorer Pro and bring your own laptop along.

The course is a hands-on practical workshop covering setting up and scoring a match, editing entries, printing, importing/exporting and uploading results to the system.

Scorer Level 3

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