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Moving Forward with On-Line training

Recruit – Develop – Retain

As a direct result of the COVID 19 Pandemic, many cricket courses are now being delivered on-line either via e-learning and self testing, or in some instances, the courses may be held over video conferencing.

As such, there has never been a better time to  improve your skills and knowledge either by working through the laws e-learning modules, reviewing the complexities of Fair & Unfair play, learning & understanding Umpire Signals and Score Book symbols. 

Most courses are free of charge and all will count towards your portfolio of skills.

From this page you are able to directly link to a vast range of resources to help your knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the game. 

Click the links below to take you directly to these on-line resources.

The 'Lords e-Learning' Portal

The Lords e-learning portal is a fantastic facility to help you learn about all aspects of cricket.

From the Spirit of Cricket, to both basic and intermediate skill level laws exams under timed conditions, the portal will track your progress through each stage and you will be awarded badges as you complete modules and certificates when you complete the tests.

Click the link below to take you to the log on page, register your account and  go back as many times as you like – share your progress with your friends and colleagues.

Out Or Not Out ???

You’re the Umpire – Its Your Call !!

Test your skills against HAWK-EYE

Click the link below to begin

Concussion Education e-Learning Module

Concussion in any sport needs to be understood and taken seriously

Complete the following module to enhance your knowledge

Player Behaviour

e-Learning Module